Works List, selected recordings provided:


Large Ensemble:

Ecstatic Instincts for Chamber Orchestra (2018) ~13 minutes

For Flute, Clarinet doubling Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Horn, Trumpet, Electric Guitar, Percussion, two Violins, Viola, Cello, and double bass. Premiered by Contemporaneous, January 2018 at SUNY Binghamton. Listen here

Red Ocean (2017) ~6 minutes

For Jazz big band – four trumpets, four trombones (three tenor, one bass), five saxophones (two alto, two tenor, one bari), piano, bass, drums, and auxiliary percussion. Premiered by the Harpur Jazz Ensemble, November 2017, at Binghamton University. Listen here 

Drinking Alone By Moonlight (2017)~7 minutes

Collaborative work with the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts, for vocalist and mixed ensemble of Chinese and Western instruments: Suona, Clarinet, Violin, Banhu, Cello, Pipa, and Harpsichord, based on a melody by Shen Pengfei. Premiered by artists from the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts and Binghamton University, October 2017 at Binghamton University.

Selah (2017) ~6 minutes

For orchestra, read by the Binghamton University Orchestra, May 3, 2017.

Whydah (2016) ~5 minutes

Premiered by the Swarthmore College Wind Ensemble, spring 2016. Listen here

Seabreeze (2016) 5-6 minutes

For jazz big band, premiered by the Swarthmore College Jazz Ensemble, April 2016 at Swarthmore College.

“Storm Surge” (2016) 4-5 minutes

Premiered by the Swarthmore College Orchestra, April 2016 at Swarthmore College. Listen here


Small Chamber Ensembles, Solos, and Duos:

Natural Habitat (2019) ~5 minutes

For small jazz ensemble (two trumpets, two alto saxes, bari sax, trombone, piano, guitar, bass and drums). To be premiered May 8, 2019 by Binghamton University Studio Jazz Ensemble.

Circadian Rhythms (2018-2019) ~10 minutes

Three movements for one reed player doubling Bb Bass Clarinet, Bb Clarinet, and Alto Saxophone, with piano accompaniment. Expected premiere 2019, by Stephanie Meyer, reeds, at Ball State University.

ADM (Acoustic Dance Music) (2018) ~5 minutes

For flute, clarinet, and cello, Premiered at Binghamton University, November 2018.

Rivalry/Revelry (2018) ~8 minutes

For percussion trio, premiered by 3G Percussion at Space City New Music Festival, July 2018, in Houston, Texas. Listen here

Lost and Found (2018) 7-8 minutes

For flute and piano, premiered by Duo Motive, Horseheads, NY, June 2018. Listen here

Never Enough Singing (2018) ~12 minutes

For Trumpet and Organ, premiered by Paul Neebe and Marius Popp, June 2018, in Kronach, Germany.

Endless Mountains Region, Next 6 Exits (2018) ~9 minutes

For String Quartet, premiered by Ajax Quartet at the Fresh Inc Festival, June 2018. Listen here

Blackberry Jam (2018) ~3 minutes

For Violin and Djembe, premiered by Melanie Chen and Nathan Scalise, April 2018, at Binghamton University.

Serenade no.1 for Trombone Ensemble (2018) ~3 minutes

For trombone ensemble, four parts. Premiered by the Binghamton University low brass studio, March 2018, at Binghamton University.

Heights in Depths (2018) 6~7 minutes

For viola, cello, and double bass. Premiered by Binghamton University Faculty, February 2018, at Binghamton University.

Digging my Bones (2017)~6 minutes

For String Quintet, premiered by students at the Wintergreen Summer Music Academy, August 2017. Listen here

A Day in Lou Harrison’s Life (2017) ~2 minutes

For violin and cello duo, written as part of a speedwriting contest at Charlotte Composers Workshop celebrating the Beatles and Lou Harrison, premiered by members of Beo String Quartet, June 2017 in Charlotte NC.

Ecos de las ruinas circulares (2017) ~8 minutes

For oboe, violin, viola, and percussion. Premiered by Out of Bounds Ensemble, June 2017, in Charlotte, NC. Listen here

Dreamlight (2017) ~1 minute

Duet for flute and trombone, selected as a winning piece in the Vox Novus Fifteen Minutes of Fame contest for Angela Collier-Reynolds and Patrick Reynolds, who premiered it on May 14, 2017, at St. Paul of the Cross Monastery, Pittsburgh PA. Listen here

Encore to a Kiss (2017) ~4 minutes

For a trio of flue, cello, and piano, selected as a winning piece in the Dolce Suono Ensemble’s Steven Stucky Young Composers Competition. Premiered by Dolce Suono Trio, May 2017, at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. Listen here

Waves, Lights, Bonfires (2016) 11-12 minutes

String Quartet, premiered by the Momenta Quartet, December 2016 at Binghamton University. Listen here

Crepuscular Waltz (2016) ~3 minutes

For solo piano, premiered by Iris Chan at Swarthmore College Student, Faculty, and Alumni Composers Concert, November 2016, at Swarthmore College.

“Dance of the Mooncussers” (2016) ~4 minutes

For clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, drum set, violin and upright bass. Premiered by Orchestra 2001, April 2016 at Swarthmore College

“Trio for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano” (2015) ~8 minutes

For Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano. Premiered by students at Swarthmore College, April 2015.


Vocal music:

When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer (2019) ~4 minutes

A setting of the Walt Whitman poem of the same name for Soprano and Piano. To be premiered summer 2019 by Opera Elect, Boise, ID.  

“I’m not on your vacation” and other Cape Cod Stories (2018-2019) ~20 minutes

For Soprano, Baritone, and piano. To be premiered May 2, 2019 at Binghamton University by Jordan Bowman (soprano), William Culverhouse (baritone), and Nathan Scalise (piano).

Idaho Songs (2018-2019) ~20 minutes

For Soprano and piano, “Thanksgiving in Weiser” and “Big Sky” to be premiered at SongSLAM events in Toronto and NYC, January 16th and 17th, respectively. Full cycle to be premiered April 6, 2019, at Binghamton University by Jordan Bowman (soprano) and Nathan Scalise (piano). Text co-written with Jordan and Madelein Bowman.

Death Be Not Proud (2019) ~5 minutes

A setting of John Donne’s “Holy Sonnet X” for mezzo-soprano, bass flute, english horn, trombone, vibraphone, violin, and contrabass. To be premiered by the Ithaca New Music Collective, March 2019.

At the Tomb of Cyrus the Great (2019) 7-8 minutes

A setting, in Ancient Greek, of two texts pertaining to Cyrus the Great: the inscription from his tomb, and Croesus’ words to him upon being conquered. Premiered by the Momenta Quartet and Andrew Fuchs, tenor, at Binghamton University, February 2019. Listen here

“Thanksgiving in Weiser” and “Big Sky” (2019) ~5 minutes each

From Idaho Songs, text co-written with Jordan and Madelein Bowman, premiered by Jordan Bowman, soprano, and Nathan Scalise, piano, at Toronto and NYC SongSLAM events respectively, January 2019. Full set to be premiered in April 2019.

The Ballad of Jack Wertz (2018) 4-5 minutes

For voice, violin, cello, and musical saw. The story of my great-great uncle. Premiered at Binghamton University, November 2018. Listen here

Quéjase de la suerte (2018) ~5 minutes

For three female voices and hand/body percussion. A setting of the poem of the same title by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. Premiered by Modern Medieval Trio, May 2018, at Binghamton University. Listen here

My Lady Sweet Arise (2018) ~4 minutes

For voice and piano, a combination of two Shakespeare texts, “Hark! Hark the lark!” and “Fear no more the heat o’ the sun.” Premiered by Sara Tillett and Michael McAndrew, March 2018, at Binghamton University. Listen here 

Visions and Dreams (2017) ~3 minutes

An art song for Mezzo-Soprano and piano. Premiered by Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek and Michael McAndrew, May 2017 at Binghamton University. Listen here

A Star Without a Name (2017) ~3 minutes

A setting, in Farsi and English, of a poem by Rumi, for two female voices and piano. Premiered by Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek, Robin Baumeister, and Michael McAndrew, May 2017, at Binghamton University.

Three Shakespearean Songs (2015-2016) ~7 minutes

Settings of “Under the Greenwood Tree” from As You Like It and “Come Away Death” and “The Wind and the Rain” from Twelfth Night for solo baritone, piano, violin, clarinet, bassoon, and cello. Concert premiere at my senior recital, May 2016, at Swarthmore College.

Aamulaulu (2016) ~3 minutes

A setting of the Finnish poem of the same name, by Eino Leino, for Mezzo-Soprano and piano, performed at my senior recital and the Swarthmore College Student, Faculty, and Alumni Composers Concert, May 2016, at Swarthmore College.

“Crossing the Bar” (2015) ~2 minutes

For 4 unaccompanied female voices, 2 sopranos and 2 mezzo-sopranos or altos. Premiered at Swarthmore College, April 2015.


Musical Theater/Other:

“Exquisite Corpse” score for Chaplin’s A Dog’s Life (2017) ~3 minutes

For Pierrot Ensemble, three minutes of an original score composed as an exquisite corpse by the Wintergreen student composers, premiered live with the movie by festival artists, July 2017.

Music for Ocelot Unchained! (2016) Show length: ~2 hours; ~25 minutes of music.

Songs, incidental music, sound effects, and an overture for a musical aimed at children. Co-written with playwright, director and lyricist Stephen Russell. For various voices and a pit of violin, tenor saxophone, trumpet, piano and bass guitar. 30 shows performed at WHAT for Kids at Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater, Wellfleet, MA from July 12-Sept. 1, 2016. 

The Great Swarthmorean Songbook (2016) ~30 minutes

A set of eight songs in jazz and popular styles, co-written with lyricist Annie Tvetenstrand, for piano, guitar, drums and solo female voice. Performed at my senior recital, with selections performed again at the Swarthmore College Student, Faculty, and Alumni Composers Concert, May 2016, at Swarthmore College.